A fashion icon on what to know about Rome Couture and its special place in the Eternal City.

For a list of legendary fashion addresses like Rue Cambon or Seventh Avenue, you’ll need to add Piazza Mignanelli in Rome, home to Palazzo Mignanelli, the headquarters of Valentino, one of the world’s most famous luxury brands. and the nearby maison, Andre Lauque, a garment designer loved by Rome’s elite for decades. Customers included the best outfits, such as Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn.

Today, Italian labels can be found in stores all over the world, but if you want to shop for André Laug, head to the Atelier at Rampa Mignanelli, a short staircase. up from the square Here you will find Laura della Croce di Dogola, one of Rome’s most fashionable women. Maison co-owner and a local fashion icon with over four decades of collaboration with Lauque. (She started as a client.) Della Croce remains a major fashion influencer at just 83.

The fashion house has long-standing relationships with well-connected customers—brand ambassadors of their time—and Italian countess della Croce, who moved into the elite circles later. Laug enlisted Laug to connect with VIP clients. She works with Hepburn and other leading names. over the years

I recently visited the office with Barbara Lesanta, the owner of the Countess Concierge. To take a look inside today’s Rome couture, Alta Moda, an Italian for high fashion, enjoyed a luxurious past. In the 1960s (in some cases earlier), top buyers and media outlets made the trip to The Eternal City to see what names like André Laug, Pino Lanceti, Irene Galitzine and Valentino designed for celebrity clients and set up jets, although a decade later Milan and ready-to-wear began to dominate the Italian fashion scene.

The amazing thing about Laug is that it has truly stayed true to its roots. by still focusing on couture clothing Adhering to a business model that reflects new trends in the era that prioritizes selective production artisan culture “Laug is unique in a fast-paced world,” says Lessona. “The clean lines and attention to fabrics, embroidery and cuts give women of all types the opportunity to look great. [worldly]The fact that the company is still a sophisticated family-run company adds even more specialness.”

Della Croce greets us at Laug’s door like an old friend (in Lessona’s case, she is) to showcase the latest collection. With Design Director Bert Keeter, working with Halston and Arnold Scaasi, she oversees two annual presentations. (Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter) 40-50 pieces each (last year Laug did a capsule collection with Fondazione Memmo, the Art Foundation in Rome too). Seen in this era of fast fashion is the perseverance in creating couture with a practical approach since Laug was founded in 1968. By definition, couture products are handmade regardless of the complexity of the coat or coat. And at Laug, it all happened at Maddalena Loy, where she lived with her husband. Laura’s son Vibaldo della Croce, also Laura’s partner, later told me you wouldn’t even find a sewing machine at Laug. “We don’t. Do it like a pre-a-porter,” she explains.

A key player in the couture design process is the premiere, or master tailor who “Cut the fabric and let the first dress go with just about any outfit,” says Della Croce, who has assembled her artistic team for decades. It is the most important step in creating couture clothing. After the Premier League is finished This item will be transferred to a team of skilled seamstresses. which then worked with the designers to complete the work. or with both the designer and the customer during installation to ensure a perfect fit. Laug’s luxurious embroidery is handcrafted in-house with individual crystals, feathers, sequins or stones on the fabric.

Since its inception, Laug has been known for its exquisite tailoring and exquisite textiles. Some are priced as high as €1200 per meter. Loy said that Laug only uses fabrics made by Italian manufacturers or from Jakob Schlaepfer based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. “It’s a Rolls Royce fabric,” said Loi.

While you can find a large number of evening dresses and red carpet dresses in each collection, Laug offers day dress as well. While casual daywear is a market leader in many markets, Laug retains a dedicated customer who wants more than leggings and a cashmere hoodie to get around town. “Fortunately, there are still groups of women around the world who do not want to give up their elegance during the day,” Loi said. “That is the niche niche Laug is referring to.” (Louis, the US and the Middle East are their main markets.)

Della Croce compares the starting point of each collection to what a new film must be for the actors—exciting, challenging, and utterly compelling. She doesn’t seem to miss a minute of what happened at Maison, arriving at 8 am and the last person to leave in the evening. Those who knew her well said that she was as powerful as someone half her age.

Della Croce now works with her former client’s daughter and granddaughter clientele, adapting the classic DNA Laug with talented Bert Keeter to fit contemporary needs and tastes. while maintaining the shop’s unique flavor She remains a key player in the Italian fashion industry. And it retains the legacy of some of the most important names in Couture’s history. while refining the brand for the future with Keeter and their outstanding team.

Laura della Croce is passionate about fashion and the city of Rome. Here are some of her favorite places.


Nino In Via Borgognona because of Tuscan food (I’m from Lucca) Emme in Via Margutta because of the friendly atmosphere and gardens and Alla Rampa In Piazza Mignanelli as it is close to my office. And I feel at home there.

There is a small place in Rome opened by three friends called chicken.It’s a special place for lunch One of the three managers, a Neapolitan nobleman, cooks and hosts meals at home. I recommend going there on Saturday and Sunday. but still during the week

For the cocktail:

Many places are special for me such as earth, international hotspot I like the shop’s galvanized counter. which comes from the north of France Sometimes I sit and drink a glass of Franciacorta. Hotel de la Ville—A beautiful balcony overlooks the whole of Rome, I also like. Bar Hotel Locarno and Lounge 42 In the wonderful Piazza di Pietra


decorations: I love gems Fabio SaliniVery meticulous goldsmiths and jewelers Create the most beautiful works of art He brings classic Roman tastes and a universal touch to his collection, which makes it unique in the city.

decorations: free time [wear] i love bag Jacobella Ketani, that puts them under Iacobella Brand. For a beautiful canvas bag. and other jewelry Can’t miss it. Recommended. Dede. Their objects are drawn by hand.

Special museums she recommends to visitors:

I love art, especially contemporary art. I recommend two places that are lesser known and worth visiting: central monte martini, An old power plant converted into a museum with sculptures from Capitoline Museum.

For a serious look at contemporary art record foundation It should not be missed. It is a private foundation run by two young women and art collectors Anna d’Amelio and Fabiana Marenghi. Every season, the Fondazione Memmo features exhibitions, shows, talks, conferences and workshops.

Gallery Don’t Miss:

Alessandra di Castro It is one of the most interesting art galleries in Rome, the jewel of Piazza di Spagna.

For the design I recommend Giustini / Stajgetti in Via Gregoriana

When walking in Rome:

The Tridentino area is my favorite area. I like to get lost in the small streets. And the alleys around the office, from Via Gregoriana to Rampa Mignanelli outside the centre, I recommend going to Coppedè, in addition to Trastevere and Via Giulia.

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