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(Bergamo Jazz Festival March 18-20, 2022, rounded off by Andy Hamilton)

LR: Jacob Bro, Arve Henriksen, Jorge Rossi. Image credit: Fabio Gamba.

Other solo shows at other venues included Jakob Bro / Arve Henriksen / Jorge Rossy. After fifteen minutes The first works burst into violent life, fortunately, inflicting violence on fragile poetry. Danish guitarist without shoes Play control and pedal with your toes. Henriksen wore a trumpet and pocket trumpet, had a Buddha-like smile – he had breakfast at the hotel the next morning as well – and his new age trend was never what I liked. necessary He’s wearing a beanie that reminds me of Paul’s look. The late Motian, Bro’s work, dedicated to Tomasz Stańko, with whom he played for many years. full of Eastern European folk ideas and the Bartok Scale’s echo, “Beautiful!” The woman next to I murmured when the show was over, but to me, the involvement of the trumpeter made this a diminutive.

Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Aymée Nuviola
Image Credit: © Giorgia Corti

I can only mention two great singers from the last night of the festival at Teatro Donizetti. Michael May and his trio played on their latest debut album. And it’s always a pleasure to hear such great content from the Sympatico Band. Mayo is a genius especially in the mix of bass and plain tones. and his mean Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalqaba – Another genius in the best sense – lead an exciting band blending jazz, guaracha, charanga and salsa and presenting a diva. Aimee Nuviola Celia Cruz’s cloaked successor is a fitting ending to the festival’s uncanny ability to bring a modern twist to music.

LINK: Bergamo Jazz Festival Website

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