Bergamo’s industrial event focuses on how filmmakers can use European festivals and funding | News

BFM Industry is a first two day program designed to show judges and producers how to get the most out of the festival. training program and capital in Europe Starting today (26 April) as part of Italy’s Bergamo Film Meeting (BFM)

A series of online panels will cover the discussion, including how festivals can work together and the role the festival plays in developing audiences, as well as support for festivals and events over the next seven years of Creative Europe’s Media program.

Speakers come from companies and organizations such as Mubi, Locarno Pro, European Film Factory, Institut Lumière and the Marché International du Film Classique (MIFC).

Tomorrow’s cast list will focus on European financing for producers. with executives from Rai Cinema, Les Arcs, When East Meets West and Eurodoc.

Alice Arecco, BFM’s Industry Coordinator and BFM Fiammetta Girola General Coordinator, provides screen Summary of the launch event

Why did you decide to add an industry event to the Bergamo Film Conference?
Alice Arecco: The idea is to create something useful. Tools for the industry to better understand how international cooperation can help with filmmaking or events. which is in line with the European nature of BFM.

Fiammetta Girola: Jobs in this industry are also networking opportunities. Which is the nature of the Bergamo Film Conference, as its name suggests, is to build relationships between audiences, artists and experts.

Who is this work aimed at?
AA: Our experience with local experts in the Lombardy region, which is not very funded. They are our first goals. But working in other industrial activities What I soon realized is that there is a world of producers and directors who do not know all the financial instruments that exist. Even all the possibilities for market access And that’s extremely important.

Can you talk about the program?
AA: This year is divided into three categories: Festival Operators, Producers, and Young Directors. And this last category is the one that we think is the most important to include. We wanted to explain to the judges that festivals and industry events have become the first form of market access. When only movies are showing, networking is actually a real opportunity for them. study period including connecting with producers The bond that can be built at a festival is priceless.

How can you facilitate networking in online jobs?
AA: All panelists will be available for a one-on-one zoom session after the main event. It’s a way to delve into the case history they’re presenting to anyone who is interested in more information.

What have you created specifically for the director?
AA: We have decided to bring together the two talents BFM will present in Europe in 2021, the Now category, director Mia Hansen-Løve and João Nicolau. Mia Hansen-Løve will speak to David Thion of Les Film Pelléas, who Produced her first film. To show you what a good relationship with your producer looks like and what you can do in terms of results.

João Nicolau’s committee focuses more on the arts. He will talk to editor Alessandro Comodin about what role this international relations play in the making of his films.

Is there an online event instead of an actual event to increase engagement?
FG: “Of course, almost 30% of the attendees this year will be connected from abroad. I think we’ll keep some online aspects of the industrial age as well when it’s possible to have a physical version.

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