Bergamo’s Jazz Festival is now live.



Jakob Bro Trio with, from left, Jorge Rossy, Bro and Arve Henriksen.

(Image: Courtesy Bergamo Jazz Festival)

In the previous 42 editions, Bergamo Jazz, based in the medieval city of 120,000 people an hour northeast of Milan in the Lombardy region of Italy, It has developed a reputation for delivering programs that combine A-rated American improvisation with more or less well-known European counterparts. Curated for the second year by lead singer Maria Pia De Vito, her stylistic scholar Bergamo #43 runs March 17-20 through various local venues, retaining that tradition.

The process began with a solo recital by Greek pianist Tania Giannouli, whose concept blended Euro, canon, jazz and folk music in the old, recently renovated theater of Sant’Andrea. New with pure sound A few hours later, at the Teatro Sociale, built in 1809, pianist Vijay Iyer presents a recently reconfigured trio. This is accompanied by master bassist Matt Brewer and young drummer Jeremy Dutton, who are credited with his long-standing relationship with Joel Ross. Roman like the famous Roberto Gatto. accompanied by trumpeter Alessandro Presti, pianist Alessandro Lanzoni and bassist Matteo Bortone during the Guido Bombardieri concert. Woodwind artist and guitarist Marco Pasinetti played a duet by Charles Mingus to celebrate the bassist-songwriter’s centenary at the Circolino of Città Alta, a medieval monastery, later a prison, and now a prison. is a restaurant

The first on Friday 18 March was a performance at the Auditorium di Piazza della Libertà by Danish guitarist Jakob Bro, a trio featuring trumpeter Arve Henriksen and Catalan drummer Jorge Rossy (now Basel). Let’s get together to stimulate the 2021 ECM album. hatJeff Ballard, Rossi’s successor in the Brad Mehldau Trio, leads a multi-faceted group of American-foreign actors. Along with Logan Richardson, alto saxophonist, Charles Altura, guitarist and bassist Joe Sanders at the Teatro Donizetti, an opera house built in 1984. 1800 and later named after Bergamo composer Gaetano Donizetti, who composed 70 operas in his half century on the planet. On the same bill is Fred Hersch, who reunites with former duo Drew Gress on bass and Joey Baron on drums, with Italian icon Enrico Rava on the flugelhorn. (Rava was Bergamo’s artistic director after Uri Kane and Paolo Fresu served. and before Dave Douglas, the ancestor of de (Vito will take over this role.) After the celebration, Bergamo bassist Marco Rottoli and bassist from Bergamo led a four-member quartet headed by Michele. Tenor saxophone Polka (Dee Dee Bridgewater) at Dieci, a local jazz club with a late-night kitchen.

On Saturday, March 19, the atmosphere became speculative at a late night lecture by New York-based guitarist Ava Mendoza, who blended blues, noise, distortion and harmonics with her mood, violinist Régis Huby. The French still maintain that mood. It brought together an energetic veteran violinist, English trumpeter Tom Arthurs, Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset, French bassist Claude Tchamitchian and Italian drummer Michele Rabbia. The climax of the evening is a one-time piano solo concert by Hersch’s mentor Brad Mehldau, which is scheduled to play in Bergamo with the trio in March 2020, precisely when Bergamo is at the peak of A devastating and widely reported experience on a global scale. Center of the Covid-19 virus As a result, the festival that year was cancelled. This is the launch event of De Vito.

The 11 a.m. wake-up call on Sunday, March 20 comes from the innovative brass and electronic creations Star Splitter Duo, while Chicago-based strongman Rob Mazurek and 30 others Gabriele Mitelli (Brescia, Italy) called the 11 a.m. wake-up call. Subsequently, speculative improvisation continues to be the cornerstone of the Giornale di Bordo (Ship’s Record) reunion, which features veteran Chicago drummer Hamid Drake and Sardinian dignitary. Antonello Salis plays the piano and organ, Paolo Angeli plays the prepared guitar, and Gavino Murgia plays the saxophone.

The other three concerts on Sunday were voiced in contrasting contexts. Jobim’s centerpiece and talented Trio Correnteza — Peruvian clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi, Brazilian guitarist Roberto Taufic and Abruzzo singer Cristina Renzetti — perform at the Sala Piatti, an Art Nouveau space. 1903 Voodoo, perfect for a room show, New Yorker lead singer Michael Mayo. (along with keyboardist Andrew Freedman, bassist Nick Campbell, drummer Robin Baytas) came to Teatro Donizetti for a concert opposite Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s piano project “Viento Y Tiempo” with singer Aymée Nuviola, who presented The sensibility and power of the Yoruba voice in the way Celia Cruz did during her heyday. DB

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