BVLGARI’s collection of leather accessories is an ode to ancient Rome.

Lively, powerful, modern and ancient. A metropolis that excites with beauty and luxury at every turn. Rome continues to inspire artists, writers, filmmakers, poets, fashion designers. and luxury homes that have inspired endless centuries. For BVLGARI, the connection with this Eternal City is deepened. Because Rome served as the headquarters of the Maison for a long time.

The luxury home’s spring 2022 leather collection is titled AMOROMA, ‘Amore’, Italian for love, and ‘Roma’ comprising AMOROMA (we always love a neat palindrome). Elisabeth’s timeless seduction Taylor and Gina Lollobrigida are both enthusiastic BVLGARI lovers. And yet it has a ridiculously contemporary feel—a marriage of bejeweled inspiration and unparalleled leather art. The bag is set to become our best friend as we enjoy a glass of wine in the Trattoria à la Julia Roberts restaurant in eat pray loveBVLGARI has cleverly plotted the downfall for the season as an emotional theme.

logo and laser

INFINITUM uses the BVLGARI logo as a key element of its design in a manner reminiscent of the ancient inscriptions on the obelisks and monuments of Rome. The concept of infinity is central to Rome’s identity. And it’s almost as if this design signature was made for the spacious, functional and luxurious BVLGARI tote bag. It’s available in two classic colors: Black and Ivory Opal.

Next up is RADIANCE, inspired by the aura that illuminates Rome, a unique glow you can feel when you land in the city. With the new Serpenti Hobo bag, the Maison seems to have taken shape. A perfect half-moon. Highlights include covering the ancient snake’s head. A new metal tag with the BVLGARI signature and a new thicker and more luxurious Spiga chain.

For the new Serpenti Jewelery Box Bag, BVLGARI takes inspiration from the 20’s silver jewelery box, reinforcing its status as a Roman jeweler. This unexpected shape is borrowed from precious gems adorned with heirloom snakeheads. As a bonus, this beautiful vanity case also has a hidden compartment inside to hold your most valuable belongings. (Please let us know when you find out, and remember you read here first!) This charm comes in irresistible colors—Twilight Sapphire, Light Gold, Moltengarung, and a few more. color

The Serpenti Laser-Cut bag borrows from the iconic Sunlight dial of Bvlgari Heritage watches, while alluding to the hypnotic style of Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome. middle

bloom and sunshine

Following BVLGARI is SUNSHINE with an exciting product—Serpenti Diamond Blast Sunshine Quilted Bags. The glowing lines reflect the design language of the laser-cut bags. This brings us to the final mood lined up to celebrate the launch of the AMOROMA collection: BLOOMING ROME promises a rich color palette and ultra-luxurious textures that captivate the worldly spirit. Beautifully optimistic of the city. The Spring Peridot and Sunbeam Citrine Serpenti Maxi Chain Bags feature eye-catching chain handles. Inspired by the Maison’s signature thick gourmet chain, it is enhanced with a new enamel material.

Python Skin

The iconic and playful Serpenti Cabochon Maxi Soft Matelassè bag continues to capture our imaginations. Desirable details include a soft, smooth calf leather body. Metallic Snake Head Quilted with Gemstone Pendant and chain handles made of various metals to suit each specific type of movie

The cherry on the cake has to be the Serpenti Hobo bag in Spring Shade Python in vibrant colors and Luxurious texture Skin. This drop has been rounded by Serpenti Forever. Bags in Niagara Sapphire and Compact Serpenti Forever crossbody bag in Spring Peridot

Each bag is crafted with the highest level of hand-crafted meticulousness or machine precision. This is what we expect from the Maison as we continue to keep an eye on this news. We are ready to feel good. Love with abandon, and with Rome (like BVLGARI), it is eternal love.

Image Courtesy: BVLGARI

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