Next Mobility Exhibition to be launched in Milan (October 2022). A new European fair focused on public and collective mobility

Next Mobility Exhibition (NME) will be launched in Milan next year, from 12 to 14 October 2022. It’ll be the kickoff of a brand new format, with biennial appointment, dedicated to the mobility of the future to be held at Fiera Milano. The exhibition, organized by Fiera Milano, will have as partners the three Italian … Read more

Taming Car Use With Paint And Ping-Pong

Milan’s Piazza Aperte (“open squares”) program is big into ping-pong. Daniele Mascolo/Municipality of Milan Campaign to restrict car use and you’re dead in the water, politicians once feared. Not so much now, as demonstrated by mayoral elections in London, Paris, Bogotá, and many other world cities, including Milan. Business executive Giuseppe Sala won 42% of … Read more

Affordable Housing in Milan / C+S Architects

Affordable Housing in Milan / C+S Architects © Alessandra Bello and Pietro Savorelli + 30 ShareShare Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest Whatsapp Or © Alessandra Bello and Pietro Savorelli Text description provided by the architects. The plot R11 is located at the northern end of the Highrise Village, bordering the park Cascina Merlata, the largest … Read more

Welcome to the Milan apartments where 300 humans live in harmony with 21,000 trees.

When pressed on his fascination with trees, the architect Stefano Boeri is prone to nostalgia. ​”When I was a kid, I used to quote a novel written by an Italian writer, Italo Calvino, called ‘The Baron in the Trees’. It was the story of a young duke who decided, when he was 12, to abandon … Read more