Palermo Art Scene | The Georgetown Dish

As I mentioned in my last article, I was very exited about the opening of the first. Palermo International Biennial. Well, I visited it and I can’t hide my disappointment. I was expecting a serious International contemporary art event, hosted by a respected organization with knowledge of museography and exhibit design. And of course, an … Read more

Palermo Municipality Cyberattack Still Affecting Citizens

Business Continuity Management / Disaster Recovery , Critical Infrastructure Security , Cybercrime Attack Ongoing for at Least 5 Days; Affected Systems Shut Down, Isolated Prajeet Nair (@prajeetspeaks) • June 7, 2022 Who shut down Palermo? (Image: Shutterstock) A cyberattack on the municipality of Palermo, which began on Thursday, reportedly continues to cripple the southern Italian … Read more

denouncing the mafia through public artworks in palermo

fondazione falcone launches ‘spazi capaci’ across palermo Buzzing today with life and charm, the city of Palermo was once plagued by the Sicilian Mafia’s organized crimes. And it wasn’t until the assassination of Judge Giovanni Falcone, an iconic anti-mafia figure, in 1992 that things took a sharp turn — pushing the Palermitans to fight against … Read more

Letizia Battaglia, Who Shot Life and Death in Palermo, Dies | Entertainment News

By FRANCES D’EMILIO, Associated Press ROME (AP) — Letizia Battaglia, an Italian photographer who documented the arrests of Mafia bosses and the bodies of their victims, has died in her native Sicilian city of Palermo. She was 87. Among the authorities announcing her death was Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando, who stood vigil next to her … Read more

Sicilian recipes for pizza and pasta come from Palermo

Last week, I offered an overview of the gastronomic paradise that is Sicily. It touched on everything from the Sicilian habit of dessert-parading-as-breakfast to the long tradition of street food, their penchant for prickly pears and a vibrant repertoire of dolci. In case the article made you hungry, and I hope it did, I have … Read more