A Postcard from Rome: My trip to Italy in photos

Marcia DeSanctis, an author and journalist from Connecticut, shares a snapshot of a recent trip to Rome, highlighting the best places to eat, drink and sleep in — and what you shouldn’t miss. On my way from visiting family in Bologna, en route to a work trip in Cairo, I did what any sensible person … Read more

Touring Rome Through The Lens Of Jewelry

From The Eleuteri Archives, a Constantin Roesler Franz micromosaic necklace. Rome, circa 1850 featuring different famous sites of Italy Eleuteri-rare micromosaic necklace, by Constantin-Roesler-Franz. Eleuteri Pick up an expresso and join along for a day of touring the best permanent exhibit, renowned shops and antique and vintage jewelry in the eternal city. You have to … Read more

Where to Eat on Your Next Roman Holiday

Something happens when you dine in Rome for the first time. There’s a moment of disbelief that just a handful of simple ingredients — tomatoes, pasta, Pecorino Romano, guanciale — can add up to such a memorable meal. It’s true for anywhere in Italy, really, where the tendency is to rely on fresh, seasonal ingredients … Read more

A Glimpse At New Luxury Hotel Openings In Central Italy

A number of new luxury hotels have recently opened in central Italy. getty In the coming months, many pandemic-weary travelers will be planning visits to Italy. After a number of closures over the past two years, a spate of new luxury hotels have recently opened their doors or will be doing so in the near … Read more

Why Macron sees an ally in Rome-based Catholic charity

Issued on: 22/10/2022 – 13:36 French President Emmanuel Macron will be in Rome on Sunday for the start of a three-day interreligious summit hosted by the Community of Sant’Egidio, a Catholic charity close to Pope Francis that is known for its efforts to foster peace and interfaith dialogue, most. notably in Africa. Macron, who is … Read more

How Via Margutta Became A Destination For Art And Genius In Rome

Via Margutta. getty “My grandfather liked to say, ‘All roads lead to Via Margutta,’” notes Valentina Moncada di Paternò, a prominent art historian and art advisor, whose family played a pivotal role in the street’s cultural development. Some of the biggest names of the 20th century made their way to this ivied haven in the … Read more

Why Britain’s decline now resembles the fall of Rome

Thomas Cole, The Course of Empire, Destruction, 1836. Photo by Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images Last month Nadine Dorries retweeted a mocked-up image of Rishi Sunak, head superimposed onto someone playing Brutus, stabbing Boris Johnson, playing Caesar, in the back. It made me wonder: did the last days of the Roman empire feel a bit … Read more

Just 2% Of Qantas’ Sydney-Rome Seats Were Empty In July

Qantas’ exciting seasonal service from Perth Airport, Western Australia to Rome Fiumicino has had an impressive start since its launch on June 22nd. Data from Australia’s Department of Infrastructure shows its ‘seat utilization’ was 97.7 % on inbound services and 91.9 % on outbound services. Qantas’ Rome service will operate the route with its Boeing … Read more