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Danae Mercerjournalist, activist content creator and Cambridge alumni Reveal the trade secret behind posted and filtered photos to highlight the difference between looks and reality. and to share the importance of loving yourself Formerly the managing editor of Women’s Health Middle East, she now runs a community with advice on how to improve life and body confidence through her website, podcast, newsletter, YouTube channel, personal Facebook group, and over 2.3 million Instagram followers. People, we met at the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, where she first dated her now-husband. (They got married along the Amalfi Coast this September) to discuss how social media both help and destroy their self-esteem. while discussing how she found life in Florence.

Ph.D./ Valeria Raniolo

Jane Farrell: Where are you from and how long have you been in Florence?

Dane Mercer: i am from california I have been living abroad since 2009, so I go everywhere at this stage. I was in Dubai and fell in love with my Florentine husband. So we traveled for a while before I moved here in May. And now Florence is my home.

tell us about your work

In the past, I’ve moved to work or study. and as a travel reporter You tend to live in the city center like Dubai. and travel around the world Obviously, my work has changed quite a bit in the last two years and I am creating more content and social media. I started the store in April 2019 and am sharing my love for myself and my body image. And I guess when COVID hits my online space it starts to run out. I now devote 90% of my time to work and journalism has become nonsense to me these days.

Ph.D./ Valeria Raniolo

What stands out about your content is the universality of what you have to say. Many people have relationships with their bodies that they need to improve. Do you find it surprising that you don’t have an account like yours anymore? That there are no other accounts that expose the false side of social media? So basically, do we all buy traps?

I think naturally Humans are always drawn to what we consider beautiful. Standards are always changing and varying according to society, culture and time frame, but we always love what we find beautiful and beautiful. It is only human nature to present itself in its most beautiful form. And social media makes it easy. using very precise lenses and filters Posing and lighting, and all of that, on the other hand, presenting yourself in a realistic way is risky and scary. And the Internet can be brutal. I am sometimes asked if I think celebrities are responsible for their cellulite, stretch marks, or shaky tummy, I think. no not trueBecause if they weren’t in that mental space to deal with the inevitable bounce (and there would be), I wouldn’t be responsible for someone crying or falling into a deep depression, you ask. Do we buy traps? And I think we’re doing what humans do. It’s very hard to take risks and I would love to see more accounts like mine.

You shared about the path to intimacy with your body that you have now and your experiences with eating disorders. Has the pandemic opened up more conversations about it with people at home and outside of work?

I think the pandemic has made it so much worse for people who are struggling with their body image or relationship with food and mental health because they have been taken out of the structure to their day and the world is so terrifying, we look to the gimmick. coping At the same time social media shows us perfection. This makes it a really dangerous area for appearances. My community grew the most during the pandemic. And I can say that for the most part. that we all need something just to say Here she is not broken, not alone, every part of her is worth loving..

Do you have any plans for how your work will relate to Florence?

My narrative in this episode is a mix of what I as a woman went through. Most of it is the image. social media and mental health guidance But then part of it is about being Foreigners living in Florence move for love change my life to be with my partner trying to make new friends And it’s an adventure with ups and downs. In the future, my content will definitely have Florence in it. when I learned the city and navigated life here.

Ph.D./ Valeria Raniolo

tell us about Twelvetinypaws

It’s the best! Nicco has a dachshund. And I have two very cute rescue kittens. When we first got it, it was very thin, and he dyed his paws and tail orange. now he’s grown up And he turned from an ugly duckling into a swan. Beautiful giant fluffy balls! Twelvetinypaws It is our account that we show them to become friends. The first introduction between a cat and a dog was terrifying. I ended up crying because the kittens were scared and the dogs bark and growl. And now it’s at the point where the koalas Cute dog and dog Romeo is the best friend. It’s a happy and fun account that helped me show Florence too, because we went for a walk early when the city was quieter and walked along the Duomo and Uffizi rivers.

Do you see yourself in Florence for the long term?

I think Florence, or perhaps closer to Tuscany in the long run, Nicco’s family is here and it’s very important for us to be close to them. i am learning italian very quiet! i like to learn languages I have been studying French for many years. and think it is the most beautiful language And the more I learn Italian I also liked that it was almost as if they were singing every word. If it ends quickly They will add another vowel to make it more melodious. It’s a very passionate and intense language. At first I always asked Nikko, Are you well? You guys quarrel? and he will say No, we’re just talking!

What are the positives and negatives of being a content creator?

One of the things I’m most proud of is knowing that I help women feel better about themselves. And I only know because they’re kind that send me messages saying things like Because of you, today I wear a bikini.And of course not because of me. Sometimes I see my dad texting me, I sat down with my young daughter criticizing her body or breaking out of the mirror. And today I spent time with her looking at your profile. and show her how easy it is to fake… or even for me, recently I went through some emotional struggles that I explored as I recounted about my miscarriage. I mentioned that it was really wonderful. who didn’t feel alone in this My community has gifted me in the sense that during this lonely and shameful time. I have millions of women all over the world saying that happened to me too and you are not aloneAnd it’s one of the best aspects of this area. I earn as much as I actually give, and I may earn more from those around me.

Ph.D./ Valeria Raniolo

Florence Quickfire

Favorite place to work?

it blooms at Louisavia Roma TerraceBecause of the owner of Tamara and because the food changes every season. It’s the first place I can work for hours. never had the feeling of you have to go now We need to use this table.Which happens a lot elsewhere!

Favorite place for an aperitif?

This is more of Nicco’s strength. We’ve been to great places. four seasons Makes an aperitif that’s just as good. Belmond Villa San Michele and the deck of Westin Excelsiorwhere you can get a panoramic view of the whole city

Favorite Florence?

I really like Nico’s mom! She looks modern, chic, cool and confident, and has a lot of charm to me. Preccint With me and she had a Hemès bag and Chanel shoes, and how beautiful compared to the dark and heavy Questura!

Favorite place in town?

Grand Amor Hotel.a beautiful place in the heart of the city with a charming bar Now there’s also a hot wine table. ‘Make Your Own’ with cinnamon and orange sticks and more.

Favorite place in Tuscany?

MontalcinoThis is where we go cycling. We have been to many times. Always take the same route Because it’s so beautiful with pristine little villages, restaurants, countryside and vineyards.

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