Fiorentina makes double at Bergamo It had only happened once before…

It’s been a long time since we had a stunning finish to Fiorentina. especially in knockout situations. Going to the ten men at Bergamo and finding the winner at the last second was almost unacceptable. After celebrating as if we had beaten the Scudetto, the wait for VAR’s decision came where it seemed they were looking for whatever reason they found to disallow Nikola Milenković’s goal. It made all the more incredible. when the referee Finally whistle And we qualified for the semi-finals.

It should come as no surprise that Atalanta disagreed with VAR’s results and a lot of the media cast doubts on the accuracy of the goals. They seemed to focus on offside as Bonaventura was not called into play because of De Rune’s intervention. Nobody even bothered checking Bonaventura’s location from the start. We were never offside. And having watched it many times, slowing down the most It seems to me that He took the side before Biraghi hit the ball, nothing important now, we won, we are still in the Coppa Italia and our season is very lively.

It also gave a hopeful ending to late night dramas. Just like after the defeat at Torino. After losing to Lazio We reacted with insults to criticism, as if people had such a short memory or refused to learn anything. Selling Vlahović added interest to that defeat. (As if the striker’s absence could be at fault for a 3-0 defeat, we all know what happened after that defeat to Torino. We went to Napoli and won another trophy. Then beat Genoa. However, many fans refused to see the bigger picture. Be patient and wait for the reaction of the players on the field.

After a slumping season in the last few years we finally have a manager who lets us play football in a way that we can really enjoy. In the end we have a group of players that look like a real team, family, not a bunch of lost people. And that for me is the most important thing this season.

Finally, after recovering from the drama in last night’s game I also know we’ve doubled up in Bergamo this season. Atalanta is coming soon to Franchi where we have a chance to win a rare treble. But we’ve done double before in Bergamo. Two wins in the same season And it only happened once. We actually gave Coppa Italia to Atalanta. Let’s look back at the 1995/96 season when Fiorentina won all four of their games against Atalanta.

two seasons before Fiorentina was previously in Serie B but Claudio Ranieri will have his most successful season at the club. When Fiorentina traveled to Bergamo on December 17, both sides held high positions in the table. with Atalanta 3 points behind Viola Which ranks third, Fiorentina has not won any game in Bergamo since the 1988/89 season when Roberto Baggio scored the only goal in the victory over Emiliano Mondonico’s side, Mondonico returned to Atalanta and led them to promotion from Serie B.

The game continued until seven minutes before the break. A sloppy back from Daniele Fortunato and, unfortunately for him, Gabriel Batistuta was the quickest to react. And he passed the ball to Francesco. Biano had no problem finding the net. Less than ten minutes after that period, Mondonico changed things by handing Domenico Morfeo and Franco Rotella, but five minutes later Batistuta doubled as Viola’s lead. Rui Costa was well in his own half. Have the vision and touch to set Batistuta free with the perfect pass. No one will catch Bati with the ball at his feet and head towards the goal. And there was only one possible outcome when he faced Fabrizio Ferron to score for Atalanta.

Fiorentina’s Morfeo convinced Francesco Toldo with 20 minutes remaining, their hopes quickly collapsing five minutes later. When Batigol made 3-1 with his tenth goal in the league of the season. Between the two goals Andrea Sottil replaced Rui Costa, just as his son Riccardo replaced Nicholas. Gonzalez in last night’s game, Rui Costa didn’t look as upset as Nico.

That victory put Fiorentina in second place and closed the gap for leaders Milan to just one point. Fabio Capello’s players, including Baggio Arrested with Torino in the house and on the next Saturday before christmas They will travel to Florence to rise to the top of the herd. The game ended in a 2-2 draw with Milan winning the Scudetto. and Fiorentina finished fourth. According to the score with Lazio third place Atalanta, despite having a great start to the season But it ended up in 13th place, 20 points behind Fiorentina.

In a league game in Franchi in April, Fiorentina won 1-0 but a big showdown takes place in May. On the way to the finals Atalanta beat Cremonese, Juventus, Cagliari and Bologna, while Fiorentina face Ascoli, Lecce, Palermo and Inter. Gone The finals were played on two legs. And the first took place in Florence on May 2, just before the league season ended.

This was one of the big nights of the match where Franchi nearly 40,000 fans were ready with fireworks and fireworks across the stadium before the match. The first half didn’t generate much excitement, although Ferron made a fine save from a long-range Batistuta free-kick. Fiorentina looks alive. And finally, the goal came just six minutes into the second half, Rui Costa passed the ball to Bati from inside the penalty area. And his devastating right-footed shot left Ferron with no chance. The Argentinian had another effort that went wide from the post. And Atalanta’s best chance would have given Toldo off early enough to intercept Morfeo’s shot two weeks later. Fiorentina will travel to Bergamo with a narrow 1-0 advantage.

Saturday night’s game caused tension. With problems between football fans and police before, during and after the game, the match led Ranieri to change from the first leg. Sottil has opened the door for Alberto Malusci and Sandro Goas, Emiliano Bigashi and Francesco. Flachi replaces Stefan Schwarz, Massimo Orlando and Anselmo Robbiati, while Mondonico has kept the starting XI unchanged. As they look to come back 1-0 down.

Fiorentina should take the lead in the first half. But after Ferron saved Flachi. Batistuta had a chance to return. And should be able to do better than finding a goalkeeper’s legs. Both sides were level at the break, Fiorentina still holding a slim one-goal advantage. Three minutes after halftime and Fiorentina won the cup when Lorenzo Amoruso meets Rui’s corner. Costa with a sweet right foot volley

Back in Florence, the Stadio Franchi was packed with fans as if the game took place in Florence. They watched the game on the scoreboard screen at the end of Curva Ferrovia, and when Batistuta was 2-0 in the hour, the celebration really kicked off. They watched their team lift trophies far away in Bergamo. And they will wait until the middle of the night for their heroes to return to the stadium to celebrate together. No wonder they waited 21 years to see their team win big trophies.

The gap between the two victories at Bergamo that season was five months. The first took place on 17 December and the final was decided on 18 May. Our first victory of the season at Atalanta came on 11 September and almost five months later on 10 February we have Successfully completed Double Bergamo.

We still have a way to go before we even start to think about lifting another trophy. We still have two semifinals coming up. with the team from Turin with some former Fiorentina players

One thing Vincenzo Italiano and his players allowed us to do is dream again. First about European football, but perhaps after another 21-year gap there might be trophies available at the end of the season. Let’s try to stay with this team. behind them Even if something goes wrong, Forza Viola!

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