Florence’s fine dining scene rises to the top at this rooftop restaurant.

ANGEL Rooftop & Dining is one of so many global efforts that when it opened in late 2019, never imagined the years to come. Brimming with the energy of young people with staff, mostly under 30, they opened with promise – a contemporary fine dining restaurant that overlooks Florence’s iconic Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio. This means two years later it can still be said of a new opening in the city. But thankfully, the impetus for their innovation hasn’t disappeared from the lockdown.

On the Thursday evening of February This place is bustling. Four bands perform a cover of ’80s pop as diners fill tables illuminated in warm pink lights, says marketing manager Anna Gomez Pascarella. “Florence is rather gloomy in the evening,” he said. “It needs something bright and modern to promote it.”

ANGEL Rooftop & Dining is located on the rooftop terrace of Hotel Calimala, located just minutes from the Duomo in one direction and Ponte Vecchio in the other. The decor of the restaurant continues in the cool Art Deco style of the hotel below. which has elegantly curved glass as the head of the bed Thick tiled bathroom and a beverage tray inside the wardrobe that glows pink when opened.

In winter, diners can dine in an L-shaped indoor space with warm brick walls. However, in summer, two terraces offer surreal views of Giotto’s bell tower and the spire of the Palazzo Vecchio.

Israeli chef Mor Michele, who takes over the kitchen directly from Tel Aviv, thus the menu is a perfect blend of Mediterranean flavors. It combines elements of Middle Eastern, Italian and Japanese cuisine. Micheli had never learned Italian before. “Food is the only thing I express” and he has a lot to say.

The bread basket sets the tone with soft homemade milk bread, served with fermented Lebanese cheese, followed by Pop Sashimi, which consists of the day’s marinated fish in a bold beetroot sauce and fresh fennel. Honoring Florentine tradition, this dish features chianina roasted on a layer of rosemary-flavored potato chips with aioli sauce and sautéed sauteed and capers.

Chef Micheli loves the umami flavor of this marinated ingredient and grows it in Miso Shrimps & Fillet (marinated tomatoes in gazpacho) and in grilled octopus with goat yogurt and spicy tomato cream. Micheli says it comes from the root. of the Middle East and “It’s salty and adds to my favorite flavor.” Even Muhallebi’s Middle Eastern dessert has a fermented component — pannacotta topped with fermented red fruit syrup, pistachio, and rose water.

The dinner menu is perfect for those who want a traditional starter and main course. While there are also options for one-course dinners, such as the Angel Burger with Black Garlic Sauce. This bar menu is perfect for a nibble or ordering multiple shared plates for a strong aperitif. with cream and marinated vegetables Biscuits with Roasted Red Peppers and Cream Cheese or a mini Chianina burger with truffle mayo.

The restaurant will reopen on March 24, and although it looks like a better place in the summer, it’s still a great place to stay. But it is wonderful to step out of the warm interior onto the dark balcony and gaze upon the illuminated Duomo that seem within touching distance.

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