Glories of Rome: Nine of the Eternal City’s Most Immortal Films

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Beauty always has a secret. Another story to tell So it’s been generations with Rome and cinema. On a movie screen that is several feet tall No city has ever been more beautiful. or become synonymous with neo-realistic realism. One of Rome’s movies is a luxurious playground. else all hard edges (And the overlap between them is so small.) Meanwhile, the Third Rome appears on screen in disguise: the legendary Cinecittà Studios soundstage in the south of the city – hosts countless movies. all 51 Oscar winners among them.

La Dolce Vita (1960)

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Anita Ekberg in the Trevi Fountain in Fellini’s ‘La Dolce Vita’ © Album / Alamy

A helicopter carrying a plaster statue of Christ like a mad blessing over sunbathers and skyscrapers. So Federico Fellini’s hymn begins with his muse. We can complete this list with Fellini: the panoramic. Romaspirit Night of Cabiria. But more than those movies have a story to tell sweet life towering in the city Be amazed by the mirrors that hold this reflection of endless glamor and decadence. Roman’s premiere saw Fellini spit – before the film made a sensation at the city’s box office. Make Rome the ultimate cinematic city. This is an actual landmark based on the scene in Cinecittà (although in the famous scene of Anita Ekberg wandering the Trevi Fountain, both are entirely real).

Bike Thieves (1948)

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Hollywood cameo: Rita Hayworth's poster is glued to a wall in Rome in 'Bicycle Thieves'.

Hollywood cameo: Rita Hayworth’s poster is taped to a wall in Rome in ‘Bicycle Thieves’ © Everett Collection/Alamy.

if most sweet life blended with the soundstage that is the essence of Vittorio De Sica’s steal a bike is the road that happens Somewhere far from familiar places – the film begins in the gritty suburb of Val Melaina. But the war-torn city of Rome is also a place of betrayal and danger. The unlucky hero Antonio rode his bike down the Via del Corso in search of the heist that earned the film its nickname. (Hollywood has an ironic cameo too – Rita Hayworth’s posters are displayed when thieves attack.)

The Gifted Mr. Ripley (1999)

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Catch Me If You Can: Matt Damon on 'The Talented Mr Ripley'

Catch Me If You Can: Matt Damon in ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’ © Everett Collection/Alamy.

Rome through the eyes of others — first novelist Patricia Highsmith and director Anthony Minghella — sets the perfect stage for the ultimate outsider’s story. The city is just one stop on the story’s Italian tour. But the Roman backdrop feels murky at a pivotal moment: Matt Damon’s Ripley, disguised as the man he killed, taking the gilded life that happens to belong to someone else.

Rome, Open City (1945)

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Neorealist drama 'Rome, Open City' depicts life in the Italian capital under Nazi occupation.

Neorealist drama ‘Rome, Open City’ depicts life in the Italian capital under Nazi occupation © Ronald Grant Archive

Filmed in January 1945, a classic neo-realist film. rome open city Looking back at the career – but hardly ever going back. Only six months have passed since the Nazis fled the capital. The war in Europe continued. truth In every scene and shot of the city is soared by ordinary Romans gathered by director Roberto Rossellini as his actor. They don’t make soundstage: Cinecitta is used in refugee camps. If young screenwriter Federico Fellini gave the film a melodrama. It also changed the role of truth in movies forever.

Solar Eclipse (1962)

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Alain Delon and Monica Vitti in Antonioni's 'Eclipse'

Alain Delon and Monica Vitti in Antonioni’s ‘L’Eclisse’ © Collection Christophel/Alamy

Michelangelo Antonioni creates the star of the city’s financial center in this stylishly cynical love story. solar eclipseSet amid the economic miracle after the war, Il Boom, if every city personally aspires to be Rome. How many stockbrokers aspire to be Alain Delon’s charismatic Piero? Money has never made him happy. Obedient with frustration and disconnection More than any other film here, Antonioni pays close attention to modern Rome’s architecture, emphasizing the quaint, clean lines of the EUR district.

Mighty Beauty (2013)

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MC Hammock: Toni Servillo Is A Social Jep In 'The Great Beauty'

MC Hammock: Toni Servillo as social worker Jep in ‘The Great Beauty’ © Photo 12/Pathé Films/Alamy.

Tourists beware In the first moments of Paolo Sorrentino’s satire and celebration The Great BeautyA sightseer photographs Rome from the hill of Janiculum, then he collapses and dies – possessed by the wonder before him. But too much beauty isn’t a problem for Jep, the brilliant social worker at the center of the story. Like a side of the city that made the flesh He exists only to cycle through the nightlife and high life, luxury and glamour. Rome is a place of unrelenting wealth of fun. (with something less noticeable attractiveness for absenteeism)

Roman Holiday (1953)

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Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in 'Roman Holiday'

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in ‘Roman Holiday’ © Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

The alias of Cinecittà and 1950’s Rome in general — Hollywood on the Tiber — has never felt as appropriate as when applied to. Roman Holiday. With an Italian team American star power came down in the form of Gregory Peck and rookie Audrey Hepburn, who crashed into a Vespa before visiting the Mouth of Truth and the Colosseum. Rome’s eternal duality remains. while Hepburn plays a princess. The script was written under a fictional title by Dalton Trumbo, who was blacklisted as a communist in the United States.

Dear Diary (1993)

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Nanni Moretti Explores Rome on Vespa in 'Dear Diary'

Nanni Moretti explores Rome on a Vespa in the ‘Dear Diary’ © TCD/Prod.DB/Alamy.

A new adventure on a Vespa Nanni Moretti’s directing work has spread throughout Rome and cinema. He was found riding through the city’s desolate back streets in August. Give personal advice to the city while contemplating the movie. including but not limited to the influence of flash dance There are also pilgrimages to the seaside town of Ostia on the outskirts of the city in honor of the giant Roman film Pier Paolo Pasolini. For visitors hoping to find Moretti, he owns the Nuovo Sacher Cinema near Porta Portese, with outdoor screenings in the summer.

Gangs of New York (2002)

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when in Rome.  . . Pretend to Live in 19th Century Manhattan: 'Gangs of New York'

when in Rome. . . Pretend to be in 19th century Manhattan: ‘Gangs of New York’ © TCD/Prod.DB/Alamy

It’s not a trick or a typo. Rather, it is a tribute to how a singular city like Rome could become any other. Martin Scorsese spent a lifetime pretending to be Rossellini and Fellini. and when he came to rebuild the lost Manhattan epic He then crossed the Atlantic Ocean to do it. The Five Points slums and Paradise Square were reborn on gigantic sets at Cinecittà Studios.

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