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Fionn Davenport joins Kieran on Hard Shoulder for his new European series Hidden Highlights. This week he visits Bologna.

Another destination to Florence that won’t disappoint you is Bologna. It’s only 40 minutes by train from the Renaissance capital and is equally beautiful. This famous columnar complex was recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it only decorates the city’s reputation for food. This is the gastronomic capital of Italy. And you won’t eat better pasta anywhere else. It is also home to Europe’s oldest university (1088).

But back to the diet:

The food is taken seriously here: Over 30 official recipes – including popular dishes such as tortellini, lasagna and tagliatelle – have been registered at the Chamber of Commerce and are the local dining culture with huge impact. The best market with colorful history Nice bar and restaurant serving traditional food.

Perfect day in Bologna


start at Piazza Maggioremain square.

  • Pick up your Bologna Welcome Card at the tourist office in Palazzo del Podesta.
  • Book tickets for Asinelli Tower
  • Try whispering corners in the palace’s main vault.

Palazzo d’Accursio – City Hall and fine art collection

quadrilateral Food Market – Foodie Heaven Try Simon Daily (via Drapperie 5/2a) and 150 years Paolo Atti Bakery (via Drapperie 6); Order your wine at the bar. Osteria del Sole (osteriadelsole.it) Founded 1465

At the time of preparation – climb the 498 steps of the donkey tower for the best views of the city and surrounding countryside

Head down Via Rizzoli to reach it. herbal market. Excellent choice of street food

For a cocktail try strange in the road behind the market for dinner This is my choice:

  • retrospective (rovescio.it) Organic tagliatelle pizza or sourdough pizza in a farmhouse style.
  • Trattoria Bertozzi (via Andrea Costa 84) Bologna’s best restaurant – yet unpretentious, Tagliatelle al ragu is amazing.
  • Trattoria Da Me (Via San Felice 50) A challenge for conservative Italian food. This is an exciting restaurant that reinterprets classic dishes.
  • All’Osteria Bottega (via Santa Caterina 51) Try culatello di Zibello Ham, tortellini in capon broth, petroniana style veal (Breaded and fried, then topped with Parma Ham and Parmigiano Reggiano and stir-fried in soup), special pigeons off the menu and other slow food dishes.

Top Tips

Bologna Municipal Museum Network (museibologna.it/museien), which includes Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, at music museum and interesting Industrial Heritage MuseumAdmission is free on the first Sunday of the month from October to March. Between April and September They are available during the last two hours of admission every Thursday.

other activities

Follow the longest balcony in the world (about 5 km) from the center via Porta Zaragoza City Gate and go up the steep San Luca Cathedral. The scenery across the city is spectacular. especially from the dome There is a ground train if you don’t like walking.


Prediparte B&B (Piazzetta Prendiparte 5; www.prendiparte.it) You’ll never – repeat, never – live anywhere else like this. Forget the B&B sign. You don’t just have a room here. You’ll also get a 900-year-old tower (Bologna’s second tallest) – 500 euros.

Otherwise, if you are looking for something less…pricey.

Bologna nel Cuore (Via Cesare Battisti 29; www.bolognanelcuore.it) is an impeccable and beloved centrally located B&B.

On August 6, Italy also introduced the DCC (known as the green card, (or Green Pass) Entry requirements for anyone over 12 years of age DCC must enter restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, and candy shops. You’ll need one to perform either indoors or outdoors. into the swimming pool and gym and enter all the museums and galleries Businesses may be fined up to €1000 if the rules are not followed. Most of them are quite obedient.

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