How To Travel The Four Hours-Distance From Rome To Capri

Capri is usually only about a four-hour trip from Rome and makes for an excellent adventure that should be included in any trip to Italy. However, there are more than a few ways of making this trip.

Travelers have a great deal of variation to choose from for this trip. There are trains and busses available as well car rental and even Limos. Travelers will likely all eventually need to take a ferry or water taxi unless they go big and take a helicopter.

From Rome To Capri By Train And Ferry

One of the more popular options for travelers trying to reach Capri from Rome is to first train and then ferry the rest of the way to the Island. Travelers should be able to find trains departing for Naples from Roma Termini central train station. There are a few choices for trains but the Eurostar Frecciarossa (TAV) is the fastest. It will take just about one hour to travel between Rome and Napes. However, the downside is that it is the most expensive.

A more budget option, at half the price but double the time, is the Interegionali. For travelers planning a simple day trip to Capri, it is suggested to use the fast train, otherwise, too much of the day will be wasted in transit.

Once Travelers reach Naples they will need to catch a ferry. Ferries Capri leaves from two piers in Naples. There is the high-speed option that will take 45 minutes to reach Capri and the regular ferry which will take 50 minutes and the slow ferry that will require 82 minutes. The slower options are the budget choice for this trip but at nearly double the time of the other options. The high-speed ferries depart from Molo Beverllo in Piazza Municipio. The regular and slow ferries depart from to the east along the waterfront.

  • SNAV Aliscafi – 50 minutes
  • NLG – 45 minutes
  • Caremar – 82 minutes
  • Price Check

To reach Molo Beverllo from Naples Train Station, travelers can take the line one of the subways in the direction of “Piscinola”. They will just need to walk 100 meters from the subway to reach their ferry. Taxies are also an option and may be better for travelers will ample luggage.

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From Rome To Capri On A Tour

One way for travelers to reach Capri is by signing up for a tour. This is great for travelers who don’t want to plan out their transportation too thoroughly. The Capri Day Trip from Rome is a great option. It is a 13-hour day tour that handles all aspects of transportation for the traveler. A comfortable coach will take travelers from Rome to Naples, then it’s a 45-minute ride on a hydrofoil followed by a short bus to Anacapri, Capri’s beautiful mountaintop village.

Later in the day, busses will also be available to take travelers to destinations such as the Blue Grotto. Of course, the trip ends with transportation back to Rome. This is a day trip for anyone nervous about self-planning.

From Rome To Capri By Car And Ferry

One option travelers have for reaching Capri from Rome is to rent a car and then transition to a ferry. The first option is to reach Naples first then transition to a ferry. Travelers can take the A1/E45 which is about a 2-hour and 20-minute drive.

Vehicles are not allowed on Capri, so the car will have to be parked in the city before making the trip. There’s only one road on Capri so taking it across wouldn’t help much anyway. Cars can be left at Parcheggio Buono, at Molo Beverllo, or Parcheggio Brin at Via Marina for Calata Porta di Massa. The bus can be taken to either ferry port from here

  • An international driver’s license/permit is necessary.
  • Collision damage waiver (CDW) is mandatory in Italy.
  • Book in advance so insurance is included
  • It is Cheaper for non-EU citizens to book in advance
  • There will likely be lines of over an hour when picking up a car at the airport.

Another option is for travelers to take a limo. This is a bit of a luxurious option, and it definitely is a bit more costly. However, as it is a single price for the limo and often travelers will get to skip the lines for quick access to a water taxi to take them to Capri, this is a fantastic choice for families. Travelers with kids understand how awful waiting in lines can be.

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From Rome To Capri By Helicopter

Taking a helicopter is the fastest and perhaps one of the most dramatic ways to reach Capri from Rome. This is an extremely quick way to reach the island as it will only take 70 minutes total to reach Capri. Included in the cost for this trip are transportation from the traveler’s hotel in Rome and a private minivan to the traveler’s Capri hotel and pick up from their hotel making this an all-inclusive service.

However, this is by no means an affordable option. For travelers looking for the cost of a helicopter trip to Capri, they should probably scroll back up and consider another option.

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