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All eyes have probably been on the House of Gucci since the eponymous film premiered last fall. But a real fashion house has quietly expanded its empire in Piazza della Signoria, just a few meters from the headquarters of the 101-year-old company. Small but mighty debut new cocktail bar: Gucci Garden 25.

Gucci Giardino 25 is an elegant new cocktail bar in Florence’s piazza della Signoria.

Even without a grand opening event Words are still around. we come to visit Gucci Garden 25 On a drizzling Tuesday in the middle of February Just a few days after they officially opened their doors. and there is a small queue Reservations are important and it’s not hard to see why: the cozy little cave only accommodates 16 people and feels. Somewhere between a Tuscan enoteca and a fine French restaurant..

The first thing you notice—maybe before you step inside. If you catch a bartender while on a cigarette break—everyone who works at Giardino 25 gets a real Gucci from head to toe. Unsurprisingly, this is probably their main cocktail bar. But it makes a statement After passing the checkpoint, you will find blue peacock sofa and sparkling marble barBut otherwise pleasantly relaxed atmosphere.

For better or worse, the plot of gucci’s house It revolves around an incredibly powerful woman. Heading to Giardino 25, you’ll find some more welcoming and genuine parents: Martina BonciIt’s rare in Florence to see a female bartender performing. Even less with a name as famous as Gucci behind it. But Bonchi did so with the grace that pervaded her flawless team. Even in the first week of the store opening She still has a smile for everyone. And there’s time to stop and tell the story behind each signature cocktail.

Martina Bonci Gucci
Martina Bonci, Bar Girls at Gucci Giardino 25

“Any woman who approaches the world of blending or any work who is still considered an outstanding man She knew right away that it was worth it,” Bonsi mused. “It’s not always easy to win the trust of customers before their first drink. But our skills as women lie in this empathy and rapprochement with our clients until They finally trust us to offer new flavors and introduce new drinks.Thankfully, there are signs of change that are bringing young women to the fore in this installment as well.”

Bonci has been working in bars since the age of 16, first in her hometown. Gubbio UmbriaThen in the different tabs in Perugia while she was a student after graduation She spent seven and a half years working for high-end tapas and cocktail bars. in Perugia as well “Since I was a child I feel a strong connection to the world of blending. I’ve always been fascinated Enchantment is a word best suited by what the person behind the counter does. I like to think that my passion for beverages started in my great-grandmother’s kitchen with a sip of wine.which she gave to me at lunch saying it was good for the blood. My mother doesn’t have the same opinion!”

A 1921 cocktail in honor of the fashion house at Gucci Giardino 25.

In September 2021, Bonci arrives at Giardino 25, where Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, is partly inspired by the property’s previous tenants. historic flower shop As a result, the cocktail menu captures the colors, aromas and vibrancy of the flower shop. “Our goal is to inspire all of our guests with sparkle, international flavor, fun and romance at the same time,” Bonci told me by email before our visit.

The idea was to give Giardino 25 a place all day.Somewhere you can sip your afternoon coffee to lunch. Or sip an afternoon cocktail into something more intense. The food menu is interesting, if not unexpected. Breakfast is the meeting point of Traditional Florentine and Italian Pastrieswith a wide selection of light snacks throughout the day varying from Japanese Ramen to Vegetarian Ceviche to travel to modenaClassic style dishes Emilia-Romagna with mortadella, ricotta and focaccia rounds off the menu with afternoon tea from 3pm to 6pm, a selection of desserts and snacks served with a selection of Florentine ingredients from La Via del Tè.

afternoon tea at Gucci Garden 25

It’s undeniable that this place is full of drinks. Twelve signature cocktails tell a story. It’s not just about Italy. but also beyond Bonci’s adventures and experiences. “I’ve always worked in Italy. but has traveled a lot Everywhere I’ve been I sought inspiration as much as I could to enrich my background. “And always creating new ideas,” she explains. “The most interesting part of this work for me is—and will always be—is being able to trust that the endless sources of flavors, colours, and ingredients that might have left me. can show creativity many years ago I have been able to improve the way I mix and create my own identity to this day.”

Choosing her favorite cocktail is difficult. In the end, though, Martina settled on Negroni’s memory, gin, sake, yuzu, bitter and vermouth “Every signature drink on the menu has a truly interesting personality. But this drink pays homage to Florence. Where the most famous Italian cocktail was born more than a century ago, our Gucci Giardino 25 is bold and bright—purple—the color of our love for Florence.”

the The Secret Behind Memoire di Negroni

Vermouth Riserva Amberato
Bianco Bitter
Peter in Florence gin
Leave it to mix with the butterfly flower.
Yuzu Sake
bitter grapefruit

Mémoire by Negroni at Gucci Giardino 25

Cocktails start at €16; lunch 16 euros; Afternoon tea 30 euros

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