Miracle Day Verona Scudetto

On May 12, 1985, people were preparing for a miracle. The entire Italian city was suffocating as they prepared to watch a local football club win their first and only victory. Scudetto in their history That city is Verona.

Hellas Verona traveled to Bergamo to meet Atalanta in the final of the 1984/85 season, all they needed was a single point. And at one point they got it when Preben Elkjaer Larsen canceled out Eugenio Perico’s lead.

It was a day that changed the history of football And Verona For the first time, the second largest city in the Veneto region is no longer just the city of Romeo and Juliet. It’s not just a city of . Pandora, Traditional Christmas Cake one sweet season Verona will become the capital of Italian football and express the best era where fairy tales are possible. football.

Serie A was a balanced relationship in the 1980s between 1982 and 1991. Scudetto Win seven different teams in nine years, only for the next 31 years. twice It is an unbeaten title by Juventus, Inter or Milan.

but even then yellow and blueExploiting has never been a precedent these days. Verona is at the top of the clash between Michel Platini’s Juventus, Diego Maradona’s Napoli, Karl Heinz Rummenigge’s Inter and Roma’s Roma. Paolo Roberto Falcao, even at so-called “mid-table” clubs such as Fiorentina and Udinese. led by Socrates and Zico Their Brazilian star looks more prepared. Scaligeri.

but still Verona lifts the trophy. Just one season after a remarkable compilation – but nothing more… – sixth in the table.

Connector The glue that held the team together after building it little by little was Coach Osvaldo Bagnoli, a quiet and gentle man known for being a great driving force. Bagnoli held Vero’s reins. Na for nine years from 1981 to 1990

Now 86, the legendary Bagnoli admitted losing some of his memory in a recent interview with Italian newspapers. republicWhat he doesn’t forget is his amazing day of success and the drivers behind it:

We want to take advantage of the motivation of players who felt excluded in previous clubs. At Fiorentina Di Gennaro was seated by Antognoni. And Fanna put Causio in the lead at Juventus. In Verona they are independent and indispensable. We have also made the right signings in the transfer market, Briegel and Elkjeer. That was the day when the players were real men.

So who is the “man” of Bagnoli at Verona?

list of Scaligeri small but stable Team Verona from the 1984/85 campaign has been designated a team (“Workforce”) with no definite talent. But there are many hardworking and reliable players who all know what to do.

There was a strong (fat?) goalkeeper Claudio Garella with his unorthodox goalkeeping style – which prompted the famous Juventus president Gianni Agnelli to voice him in a humorous way.”The best goalkeeper in the world has no hands.

There’s Captain Roberto Tricella, who is old school. libero Back in the day sweepers were a big part of most of Italy’s lineup.

The midfielder features Pietro Fanna, one of only six Italian players to have won the Serie A title with three different clubs. (in his case Juventus, Verona and Inter) and Azzurri Antonio Di Gennaro National Team

Top scorer is Giuseppe. Nanu Calderici Juventus Youth Academy found behind the net 11 times, an exploit that would earn him a place among Azzurri Before the 1986 World Cup

But what really helps Verona make a difference? It was the arrival of two international players who featured during the 1984 European Championships. On the one hand, German veteran Hans-Peter Briegel. The 29-year-old is now at the peak of his sport and has won the Euro Cup and played in the World Cup finals. On the other hand, Danish rising star Elkjaer-Larsen, who ended up forming a formidable alliance in front of Galderisi.

Mercurial Dane scored eight goals that season, including a decisive goal for Atalanta and another famous goal for Juventus that helped. Scaligeri Decisively storm the Stadio Comunale in Turin. Scudetto Six-pointer Elkjaer Larsen scored despite losing his shoe in the process. which was the exploitation that earned him the title Cinderella. (“Cinderella Boy”)

Verona continued to build on his success, scoring just two full points in the range. championship. Two games left on the calendar. They lead by four points from Torino and Inter.

They only need one point for the laws of mathematics to ensure victory. And their only possible regret was that their next match was scheduled. away. If things go as expected They were unable to celebrate the triumphant moment at their home at the Marc’Antonio Bentegodi Stadium.

It’s not that Verona doesn’t feel supported in Bergamo, May 12, about 20000. yellow and blue Fans travel from Verona to nearby regions to watch the club meet with history. This makes it one of the few games in history that has been visited by more fans than the home crowd in the stadium.

But the brave Atalanta Although there is nothing to ask about the season but willing to give leader Running for their money. Coach Nedo Sonetti’s boys start the game on an offensive line.

Their effort was rewarded after just 16 minutes as 22-year-old Roberto Donadoni – who was a pivotal part of Milan’s future of brilliant winning circuit under Arrigo Sacchi and Fabio Capello – opened the abuse in yellow and blueof the area and served as a clinical aid for Perico, who had to head the ball home from empty range.

the ScaligeriIts reaction is relentless, but rather ineffective. The rest of the first half had the Atalanta wall. Then in the 51st minute, God of Football gave Verona the assist as they teleported the ball in the middle of the box from Fanna’s corner kick and left there, which after a tumultuous exchange Preben Elkjaer Larsen was able to hit. Passed Ottorino Piotti 1-1

That was it. Although it took almost 40 minutes, both sides realized that there was no point in hurting each other anymore. With Atalanta far from the danger zone and Verona just waiting to begin the celebration of history.

When the referee Alberto Boshibao full time Crowds and joyful yellow and blue flags and flags swarmed onto the lawn of Bergamo’s Stadio Comunale in tribute to their heroes and commander Bagnoli. It’s a scene we’re not likely to see anytime soon, maybe not again. the last time called upcountryMid-sized city clubs have been awarded. Scudetto.

To understand the importance of Verona’s success Even for the high standards of 80s football, the words of Domenico Volpati, another part of the group of sorcerers who eventually became doctors – suffice:

Today, we cannot recognize what kind of achievements we have achieved. But time will make us understand

Considering the development of football he was really right

match score card

May 12, 1985 – Serie A Serie A 1984-85 lap 29
Atalanta – Verona 1-1

Scorer: 16 ′ Perico (A), 51 ′ Elkjaer Larsen (F)

Atalanta: Piotti, Osti, Gentile, Perico (82 ‘Codogno), Rossi, Magnocavallo, Donadoni (72 ‘ Soldà), Vella, Magrin, Agostinelli, Pacione (Malizia, Fattori, Larsson). coach: Sonnets
Verona: Garella (81 ′ Spuri), Volpati (77 ′ Ferroni), Marangon, Tricella, Fontolan, Briegel, Fanna, Sacchetti, Galderisi, Di Gennaro, Elkjaer Larsen (Bruni, Dona, Turchetta) coach: Bagnoli

Referee: Mr. Boschi from Parma

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