Oltrarno Gaze: April Events

John Singer Sargent often had dinner at Il Palmerino with the villa owner. His childhood friend Vernon Lee, an English writer (Violet Pageget) in the early 20th century, was one of several members of the British colony known as Florence. frequented at this house-turned cultural center on the border of Fiesole, Sargent’s well-known portrait of Lee. which is currently at Tate It was a conversation he drew in just a few hours and dedicated. “To my friend Violet,” this quick and violent translation was not typical of Sargan’s technique. It is a laborious process that is at the heart of Il Palmerino’s current exhibition. vertical dialogueOn display until April 22

Joy Franklin at work Ph. Olga Makarova
Gigi Echevarria
Making Paper with Gigi Echevarria

The exhibition gathered three emerging painters—Sam Bordley, Emily Rogers and Lydia Chapman—Strong from their school years at Charles H. Cecil Studios, a historic art gallery in Oltrarno, where eyesight is a daily bread. The approach Titian adopted and the plethora of Baroque masters was never far from the true faith of Leonardo da Vinci: “When you draw from nature, Stand three times as far as the object you are drawing.”

A nanny from the Oltrarno region, now immortalized on canvas. Each sat for Bordley, Chapman and Rogers for an average of five to six hours at a time. To understand the skills of this old tradition of painters We can observe Sargent’s process by one of his disciples, Julie Helen Hayneman: “Seeing a head as it evolved from the start is like suddenly raising a blind man in a dark room. Every step is a revelation. He would always move the stand next to his mentor so that when he walked back from there He saw the canvas and the manuscript in the same light. in the same distance in the same field of view.”

The point of view is not just a technical question in vertical dialogue, however. These contemporary portraits are artistically displayed in conversation. It should be noted that portraiture has been a genre that has been of paramount importance to female artists over the centuries. second only to self-portraits The show is part of the Oltrarno Gaze project organized by the British Institute of Florence and the Il Palmerino Cultural Association, funded by the Advancing Women Artists Legacy Fund. To participate in the Closing Night Festival: associazione@palmerino.it

at 6:00 p.m. on April 21 in the live broadcast Workshop WalkaboutInternational artisans share the neighborhood’s old practices and modern flair. Florence Creative People founders Sara Amrhein and Anna Rose will lead a three-pronged tour of the virtual studio, highlighting the hidden Oltrarno bottegas. in a medieval tower building Not far from the Vecchio bridge we will find Joy FranklinA Thousand Joys Jewelery Studio A craftsman’s love of antique jewelry and ancient culture creates contemporary pieces in gold, silver and precious gems. “I’ve had my own studio at Oltrarno for five years,” Franklin said. “I am always inspired by historical jewelry from many cultures. And the neighborhood has a lot of inspiration for my work, some doorbells, a few churches. I try to work with antique details and a historical feel.” Italian-Canadian artisans Erin Ciulla will discuss traditional book binding tools and techniques. and tell the story of how she owned a history workshop. press. “Over the centuries Street beer and bottle workshops in San Frediano, Santo Spirito and San Nicolo feature secondary arts and advanced crafts. It makes traditional Florentine handicrafts unique and in great demand,” Ciulla explains, putting Il Torchio into context. From Oltrarno, we move to the Tuscan countryside and to the private studio of the Spruce potter. God Kirstie MathiesonSpecializing in wheel and floor techniques For information: creativepeopleinflorence@gmail.com

This spring’s Oltrarno Gaze coincides with the opening of a new space for contemporary creativity at the British Institute of Florence. under englandThis roadside venue beneath the library and cultural center hosts several Oltrarno Gaze events, including an introductory Saturday morning workshop called the pulp and primroseApril 30, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. Collected by Creative People in Florence. about the art of paper making using recycled paper natural material and dried flower details by artisans from Oltrarno Gigi Echevarriafrom Gigetta Floral Slow Paper Studio. Focus? Methods of processing materials to create attractive natural textures so participants can start making paper at home with artisan techniques. Admission is €15 and materials are included. To join: bif@britishinstitute.it

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