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Milan — Ralph Lauren has a new home in Milan. Along with bars and restaurants it tends to be one of the hottest tickets in town.

And as always for designers Home is where the heart is. and the feeling that he insisted from the beginning

“My first store in New York. [on Madison Avenue] It is also a residence. We call it Mansion. And it changed the perception of what a retailer is. I see the clothes, the taste and the home environment as one,” Lauren told WWD during an exclusive Zoom interview. “You’re walking into my house. And I welcome you to that place. [feels like home] but elegant at the same time it is important, [that this store reflect] A vision of feelings towards Milan.”

The new flagship resides in a stately building on a pedestrian-only, cobbled Via Spiga, and equates to Lauren’s invitation to the world and significant developments within the framework of his company’s Next Great Chapter strategy of the same name.

Covering five floors on nearly 16,000 square feet, this stunning store includes the brand’s first hospitality experience in Italy – The Bar at Ralph Lauren – and perfectly reflects the designer’s aesthetic. both in terms of the range of products available and his channel approach. distinctive style

Lauren said this watch has “A spirit that has a delicate charm. It will lead you into the life you want to be a part of and you don’t want it to disappear.”

Although he had not yet had a chance to travel this time But Lauren has made several trips to Milan, and he admits that the city has grown from him. “At first I didn’t love Milan because I didn’t know. but many years ago i have to love it getting to know people and I have friends in Milan.”

In 2004 the flagship of Ralph Lauren was opened in nearby Via Montenapoleone. But it was closed in 2015, albeit a world class attraction. But the luxury streets are not pedestrian and feel more like a tourist. Don’t dare compare it to Via Spiga, which is in a renaissance right now. With many well-known real estate projects in progress Lauren reiterated that this was “One of the most beautiful roads in the world” emphasizes “Elegance is associated with people who love good taste and style. and appreciate the details.”

He described the new store as “warmer. [than the previous one]Not glass and steel and timeless. I believe in the spirit of timelessness. in something that lasts forever And I think people need this too. We want novelty, exclusivity, but we also want something that feels warm.”

The flagship model features Ralph Lauren men’s and women’s goods. Including the RRL collection behind it is displayed on the ground floor. while men’s polo shirts and accessories are available on the first floor. and purple labels and made to order products on the second floor.

Clothing and accessories for women The Polo range and collection are located on both top floors.

The interior is built from traditional materials of fallen limestone and terracotta. The reclaimed wood floors are paired with oak and walnut paneling. and decorated with bronze Old brass and wrought iron

Antiques, works of art, antique furniture, Persian carpets, porcelain vases from China. and pepper according to the shop’s order as well as Loren’s beloved sports photos and luxury cars. or of the famous actress Anna Magnani, all of which create a personal and intimate feeling. despite the size of the place The brand’s home and gift collections are also on sale.

“The world is not narrow we travel all over the world We see things and I have always believed in the eclecticism of the house. When you are welcomed into the house You will be welcomed to someone’s taste,” Lauren explains. “Painting and China are the elements that create a different and universal world.

“I believe that collecting at home is part of living,” he continues. “It’s not just the clothes. not just food Not just clothes We live our lives every day. And if we have developed a sense of style in the home and food We have succeeded. I love the blend of life.”

A central staircase inspired by the residential design connects the floor and several fireplaces add atmosphere to the place.

due to travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak Therefore, many steps of the store must be operated remotely. And given Lauren’s attention to detail and hands-on action, he admits he’s “successful.”

But he cheered for his team.

“I don’t do everything alone. I have a great team that has been with the company for many years. who loves what i love and is familiar and sensitive They know what I was thinking before me.” I was thinking.”

Although other stores Lauren’s world wide will not be located in the palace. But another highlight of the new flagship is the addition of bars and restaurants. It is the designer’s fourth store, after New York, Chicago and Paris.

The Bar at Ralph Lauren is located on the ground floor. It’s decorated in warm oak and has a unique turn-of-the-century character. There is a friendly atmosphere. and opens directly onto the back garden for alfresco dining. The front wall and the garden overlooking the yellow contrast with the green shutters. The garden is also another hidden gem, typical of the multi-storey residences in Milan. where privacy and understatement are highly valued.

The Bar will be open all day. And the restaurant’s menu covers from cinnamon rolls. Muffins and cookies for breakfast to crab and avocado or filet mignon salad or the classic Polo Bar burger with fries for lunch. Special aperitif cocktails are also available.

“I appreciate Italian food. But I don’t think we can replicate it in the most beautiful way,” admits Lauren. “We wanted to bring something to Milan that I think is fun and exciting for young people around the world. I’m here to share something to say that can be interesting and exciting. I love the beauty of having a good lunch or breakfast. or whatever I like to fill Ralph Lauren’s mind. The voice is generally not an American, Italian, or French voice, but Ralph Lauren’s world.”

He emphasized the quality of the food. And recalls when he felt like a hamburger in Paris many years ago and thought of serving it at his restaurant in the French capital at first, he said, “that won’t work”, a false estimation. It’s been there before as the reservation line can be confirmed. hamburger “It’s a classic But it’s where we put a lot of energy and the diversity of food and people – that’s where the world is. The world is welcoming more people. more variety “It makes the world more eclectic and beautiful. I don’t want to be anything I like the mix of our voices.”

Ralph Lauren should “It makes you feel like going to the bar and going upstairs. [to do and see] what I’ve always loved And wish I could when I was a kid To be a part of the world that I don’t know well enough and can add to it,” he continued.

Lauren has been presenting his men’s clothing in Milan for several seasons. And he said his collections are very popular in the country. “Especially in Milan. And I know that Italian men have always loved Ralph Lauren.”

When asked if he was planning a special event or show in the near future in the city to mark the opening, Lauren replied, “Not sure. I think we’ll eventually do a fashion show. But we are in the process of thinking.”

Of the ongoing uncertainty associated with the pandemic, he said: “Promise cannot be made. But we’re planning something. and it should be beautiful And hopefully people will appreciate it.”

The flagship is part of Ralph Lauren Corp.’s targeted expansion across Europe, Asia and North America. which is including the flag chip small boutique Wholesale Partnership and digital platforms This includes having a local digital flagship. In fact, the company has partnered with major Italian retailers such as Yoox, LuisaViaRoma, Slamjam and has a platform. ralphlauren.it

Recent brick-and-mortar store openings in Italy include the Ralph Lauren unit in Tuscany’s resort town Forte dei Marmi and the Polo Ralph Lauren store in Florence. Previous openings across the region include locations in Rome, Turin, Bergamo, Bologna, Catania, Palermo and Padova.

Milan’s new flagship will be accessible on a global scale with an immersive shopping platform – RL Virtual Experience, which includes dedicated gift care and personalized style appointments.

In line with the designer’s long-standing commitment to cancer care and prevention. The company will support the AIRC Foundation, a local beneficiary of the Pink Pony for Cancer Research in Italy. through donations and annual fundraising initiatives Efforts will support breast cancer research.

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