On a three-week group tour, I saw Florence at my own pace | Lifestyle

My family calls me the Bethesda Brit. I’ve spent so much time traveling in the United Kingdom that London’s almost a second home. But I had long hoped to immerse myself in another place: Florence, the city where the Renaissance began around 1350 and – for most art history buffs – the center of the … Read more

Venice, Florence, Skye overtourism: How residents feel about travelers’ return

After two years of purely domestic or fraught travel plans, figures suggest Europeans are raring to go abroad this summer. But those living in Europe’s holiday hotspots are likely to feel more ambivalent. Travel numbers have now begun to climb back to pre-pandemic levels. The main teething issues – to put it mildly – have … Read more

Patrons of the Florentine Renaissance

Their artworks are icons of Italy and their names are among the most well-known in the art world: Donatello, Brunelleschi, Botticelli, Michelangelo. Eager viewers stop and snap photos of the instantly-recognizable paintings, sculptures, and buildings. Displayed in museums around the world, the immortal paintings invite a popular following. What remains obscured in the history books, … Read more

Meet The World’s Only Truffle Concierge At The Savoy In Florence

The world’s only Truffle Concierge can be found at the Hotel Savoy in Florence, Italy, where you … [+] will gp into the forest to find the treasured tubers. Rocco Forte Hotels I’m in a kerfuffle – about truffles! White or black? From what country? And why are they so expensive? Well, I could find … Read more

Travel: Why Florence is the perfect destination to let your creative juices (and fine wines) flow

SLIDING a large sheet of thin paper from a folder and smoothing it out on the table in front of him, Roberto Guarnieri is setting out the ground rules of art for amateurs. “The first rule is to enjoy, you must smile,” the retired architect, artist and co-owner of Studio Iguarnieri (iguarnieri.it) tells the group … Read more

Villa La Massa hotel review: Uncompromising five-star Florentine luxury

t is a truth universally known that some people are a bit of a nightmare to holiday with. I will, tentatively, admit to being one of them. I love sunbathing by a pool but get bored after a couple of hours. I’m always up for a walk on the beach but can’t stand getting sand … Read more

Get To Know This Hotel For A Unique Stay In Florence

The sitting room and lounge at the Palazzo Niccolini al Duomo. Courtesy of Palazzo Niccolini al Duomo (For information about traveling to Italy, go to the US Embassy & Consulates in Italy site.) In Florence, a city with many unique hotels, the Palazzo Niccolini al Duomo stands out. Start with the unbeatable location, literally a … Read more

Where to stay in 2022

Florence needs a little introduction. An authentic open-air museum displaying legendary works of art. atmospheric wine bar and beautiful views of the Arno River wherever you look. This lively city is worth visiting again and again. A number of new boutique hotels are now giving travelers a reason to return as soon as possible. with … Read more