Discover One Of Rome’s Most Fabled Streets And Its Cool Insider Hotels

Via Margutta lies between the Spanish Steps and the Piazza del Popolo. getty If you’re looking for the Rome of the Romans, you don’t have to travel to an obscure part of the Eternal City to find it; just head to the Via Margutta, a few steps from such tourist magnets as the Piazza di … Read more

How Via Margutta Became A Destination For Art And Genius In Rome

Via Margutta. getty “My grandfather liked to say, ‘All roads lead to Via Margutta,’” notes Valentina Moncada di Paternò, a prominent art historian and art advisor, whose family played a pivotal role in the street’s cultural development. Some of the biggest names of the 20th century made their way to this ivied haven in the … Read more

Why You’ll Want To Shop Rome’s Historic And Romantic Via Margutta

Federico Fellini could have lived anywhere, but chose Via Margutta, the leafy and amber-steeped lane near the Piazza del Popolo with a rich artistic past. It remains a tranquil street, close to but just far enough away from the cinematic exuberance of central Rome’s day-to-day street life, which may have been why Fellini so liked … Read more