Touring Rome Through The Lens Of Jewelry

From The Eleuteri Archives, a Constantin Roesler Franz micromosaic necklace. Rome, circa 1850 featuring different famous sites of Italy Eleuteri-rare micromosaic necklace, by Constantin-Roesler-Franz. Eleuteri Pick up an expresso and join along for a day of touring the best permanent exhibit, renowned shops and antique and vintage jewelry in the eternal city. You have to … Read more

A Glimpse At New Luxury Hotel Openings In Central Italy

A number of new luxury hotels have recently opened in central Italy. getty In the coming months, many pandemic-weary travelers will be planning visits to Italy. After a number of closures over the past two years, a spate of new luxury hotels have recently opened their doors or will be doing so in the near … Read more

How Via Margutta Became A Destination For Art And Genius In Rome

Via Margutta. getty “My grandfather liked to say, ‘All roads lead to Via Margutta,’” notes Valentina Moncada di Paternò, a prominent art historian and art advisor, whose family played a pivotal role in the street’s cultural development. Some of the biggest names of the 20th century made their way to this ivied haven in the … Read more

From Barcelona To Paris To Rome, Pickpockets Greet Returning Tourists

Despite COVID-19, travelers are returning to popular sites like the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the … [+] Eiffel Tower and Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Unfortunately, so are the pickpockets. Digitalloft Travel may finally be returning to normal, with tourists talking more about the plague of pickpockets than the pandemic. Like COVID-19, pickpockets love tightly packed … Read more

How Rome’s rubbish problem is attracting wild boar into the Italian capital

Rome is one of Europe’s greenest capitals, boasting huge expanses of unspoilt countryside within its urban confines, including the Acquedotti park and the Monte Mario nature reserve. But what many consider to be a blessing is worsening a long-running environmental crisis. With nature so close, wild boar have roamed into the centre, attracted by the … Read more

Is Rome on the brink of a renaissance?

Maskless tourists, enjoying the prolonged autumn warmth, flock to flower stalls and street painters at the top of Rome’s iconic Spanish Steps. Such a carefree image of an idyllic, seemingly COVID-free future, however, is betrayed by the presence of a litter bin overflowing with plastic bottles and cardboard containers, tucked behind the Baroque stairway’s balustrade. … Read more

ROBERT ST. JOHN: All roads lead to Rome | Lifestyles

ROME— If 2022 had a personal theme created specifically for me, it would be decorated in the green, white, and red of the Italian flag, have Louis Prima music playing in the background, as pasta was served, while I was packing a suitcase. . It’s certainly been an Italio-centric year for me. I spent six … Read more

Italian election could reshape Rome’s defense-spending momentum.

ROME — A right-wing coalition tipped to take power in Italy next month has committed to raising defense spending but may only manage a slight increase next year if it focuses on flagship tax cuts or pension increases, a leading analyst has said. The three-way coalition teaming Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy, Matteo Salvini’s League … Read more