From Barcelona To Paris To Rome, Pickpockets Greet Returning Tourists

Despite COVID-19, travelers are returning to popular sites like the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the … [+] Eiffel Tower and Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Unfortunately, so are the pickpockets. Digitalloft Travel may finally be returning to normal, with tourists talking more about the plague of pickpockets than the pandemic. Like COVID-19, pickpockets love tightly packed … Read more

Pompeii: Rebirth of Italy’s dead city that nearly died again

POMPEII, Italy (AP) — In a few horrible hours, Pompeii was turned from a vibrant city into an ash-embalmed wasteland, smothered by a furious volcanic eruption in AD 79. Then in this century, the excavated Roman city appeared alarmingly close to a second death, assailed by decades of neglect, mismanagement and scant systematic maintenance of … Read more