The population chose to replace Milan’s San Siro stadium.

London Olympic Stadium designers see a group of companies Manica/Sportium in the United States and Italy, with a proposal called The Cathedral that will build a shared home for football giants Inter Milan and AC Milan within a new district dedicated to sport and leisure.

Such a decision announced by the Municipality of Milan which owns most of the land Has already been challenged by two groups. This includes the Green San Siro group, ‘the oldest Milanese environmental association’.

According to local reports The group argues that the project has become a commercial development, which “It has little to do with sports, football and even the modernization of the stadium.”

However, the latest offer appears to have fewer additional office buildings than in the previous iteration.

AC Milan has played at San Siro since it was built in 1925 and has joined Inter. Rival Milan since 1947

In 1950, 19 external ramps were added to the ground, and 11 cylindrical concrete towers (designed by Ragazzi and Partners 1987-1990) were installed as part of a major pre-football overhaul. 1990’s Italian World

In response to original plans to expand the capacity to 78,000, architects, writers, historians, teachers and 175 others wrote in protest to the city’s mayor last year’s call for the preservation of the stadium. It’s already called Meazza and reused. They warn that deals may see ‘Remnants of a historic stadium’ […] turned into fake ruins surrounded by greenery’

The letter mentioned ‘The cost of removing a large amount of steel and reinforced concrete structures. both economically and environmentally’

It added: ‘It is true that structures of the 1920s and 1930s were incorporated into later additions and were not clearly visible. Undeniable architectural and technological quality’

Although the Populous team has confirmed a final decision on Meazza’s future is yet to come, But the only cylindrical tower remains in the architect’s competitive winning design.

Populous’s proposed master plan for the San Siro site (December 2021) shows the only remaining element of the existing stadium – one of 11 cylindrical revolving towers built in the late 1980s.

Under Populous’s plan, a new pedestrian zone will be built around the stadium. This includes 110,000 sq m of green space covering 40% of the area. All surface car parks will be relocated underground.

The so-called stadium design ‘A groundbreaking platform in terms of innovation and sustainability’ has been reported. ‘Inspired by two of the most famous [sic] Buildings of the city – Duomo di Milano and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele’

A feasibility report prepared by the club and presented to the municipality in July 2019 listed several reasons why they did not want to reuse the current area. They warn that ‘Interfering with existing structures would be extremely invasive. A radical change in the elements of those identities that some conservative advocates claim.’

Christopher Lee, Populous’s managing director of EMEA, said: ‘The Cathedral will become one of the most iconic stadiums in the world of football. It will create a world-class, modern and truly custom designed home for the legendary AC club. Milan and FC Internazionale Milano and formed the heart of the new civic district.

“It will be a stadium for all Milanese to enjoy for the next generation, which is true for the city and honors its heritage. Milano’s stadium and for Milano’

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San Siro Stadium in Milan

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