vudafieri-saverino Blend the hidden gardens of milano verticale with the city.

milano verticale become one with the city

How would you like to enjoy a cocktail in the hidden garden during your overnight in Milan? Partner of vudafieri-saverino Redefines the meaning of hospitality as milano verticale|una esperienza blends in with its surroundings with open spaces to the city. Located in porta nuova of Milan – garibaldi – Corso Como district – design-related area. Finance & Fashion – This new 4-star milano verticale is the perfect place for a cozy night out in a top food and drink destination. and a prime location for business meetings and if 173 rooms and more than 600 sq m are devoted to bar and restaurant not enough Michelin is also awarded Italian Chef Enrico Bartolini, making the whole experience even more inviting.

milano verticale is in the iconic design, finance and fashion district of Milan, Italy.

All images courtesy of partners. vudafieri-saverino

Photo by santi caleca.

The hotel is located within an existing structure completely renovated by asti architetti. Architectural projects inside and outside of Vertical Milan | Experience was realized by vudafieri-saverino partnerthat follows the hotel’s concept of being innovative in the city to exchange, meet and socialize.

‘It’s not just the interior architecture. but also reflects our new sense of time and space. social experience sharing Our work and play In an atmosphere with excellent physical and physical personality. The end result is a hotel with a visual identity. Interior design, tone, reception area and entertainment that tells a single, shared and coherent story.’ explain designer

vudafieri-saverino  Mix the hidden gardens of milano verticale with the Italian city.
Using multicolored marble and Milanese designs based on local stones.

The interior of the hotel pays tribute to the Milanese design.

The interior is a contemporary reinterpretation of the Milan design tradition. It is a reference to the elegant modernity of the city’s patriarchs from the post-war period. This is evident in the many details, such as the use of multicolored marble and local stone in the foyer, reception, lounge and lobby. The narrative is given to the marble walls. The ceiling is decorated with various shades. and a large area twice as high leading to the inner garden. Of course, the hotel also celebrates the hidden courtyard tradition that the city is proud of.

From all these references It is clear that the milano verticale is seen as an extension of the city as an urban apparatus with only the ground floor facilities reinforcing this dialogue. As a result, the structure is permeable. Because the whole blog has been newly developed.

vudafieri-saverino  Mix the hidden gardens of milano verticale with the Italian city.
Double height area leading to the inner garden.

The rooftop offers 360° views of the Milan skyline and the Alps.

Material continuity from common areas across 12 floors and into bedrooms. Careful selection of minimal materials makes the architectural language more harmonious. Inside these private rooms The floors are covered with ceramic stone and dark oak parquet. The walls in Mamorino plaster are divided into large color areas. and the head of the bed is rubber walnut wood

Another highlight of the hotel is the 530 sq m rooftop space on the 13th floor, exclusively for the four penthouse suites. These rooms can enjoy panoramic terraces and Jacuzzi pools. These are completely customizable to suit different needs and can be adapted to suit any application. If necessary, they can be converted to private single-family apartments overlooking the city’s skyline. 360° city!

vudafieri-saverino  Mix the hidden gardens of milano verticale with the Italian city.
The same materials and concepts as the common areas continue in the bedrooms.

vudafieri-saverino  Mix the hidden gardens of milano verticale with the Italian city.
The Penthouse Suite’s exclusive rooftop space can also be completely personalized.

Michelin chef Enrico Bartolini runs the restaurant and bar.

to please the guests Employees tiziano vudafieri and claudio saverino have also worked alongside Chef Enrico Bartolini to shape, feel, spiritual and function to the hotel kitchen and dining area. fine dining restaurant contemporary tavern And the cocktail bar is open to non-residents. In a sloping tiled ceiling that shrinks and expands. These three spaces blend together. but at the same time perfectly identifiable.

vudafieri-saverino  Mix the hidden gardens of milano verticale with the Italian city.
The ‘vertia contemporanea’ is a modern open tavern hotel with kitchen views.

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