When you want to shop like a Roman and live like a human too.

A cozy Saturday afternoon in November in pre-Micron Rome. and the Tridente retail district (Via dei Condotti, Via del Babuino, Via del Corso)., Full of holiday shoppers I was walking past a masked crowd with Barbara Lesanta, the owner of the Countess Concierge. It is a boutique company specializing in shopping, travel and relocation services. She was showing me her favorite fashion outfits. Lessona, the daughter of an American journalist and Italian count, has lived in Eternal City her entire life, and bringing Tridente with her is like walking with the mayor every few minutes.” ciao Barbara” comes from a passerby.

I’m glad to see the vibrancy of Rome. The storefront is full of attractive products. The long line of Romans and tourists alike at the Pantheon. Since they are at different landmarks like Venchi, an ice cream and chocolate shop.. the owner of the hotel told me how good their october is. Travelers always want to come to Rome. Although the road leading to it now requires vaccine cards and rapid antigen testing.

Unlike other cities where the plague caused many shops to close. Rome seems to have it’s own, yes, some businesses are in a lot of trouble and continue to struggle due to the coronavirus crisis. but a small shop A large number of them survived. One hotel owner said “Owning a small family can save Rome.”

Visitors don’t just come to Rome. (allowed epidemic restrictions) to visit and shop But also want more places here. (There are many factors that influence Italy’s interest in real estate. (as Bloomberg reported recently, which includes good pricing and tax breaks), despite the travel hurdles from the coronavirus. Or perhaps because of this, Lessona said she had seen Want to stay in a private area longer There is more interest in renting and buying apartments and villas among her clients, “It’s roughly 50/50 between renting and buying. she said

Famous brands and local artisans

It’s easy to understand why people want to stay. Even if Rome had no problem But it’s hard to beat the environment. Warm winters, countless fine restaurants and closeness to a beautiful seaside paradise for a summer getaway. in a world where technology is the main Being in Rome can be a particularly restorative experience. A visit here will allow you to relive the forgotten happiness. by spending an hour in a bookstore Get to know the shop owner Touch the smooth suede bag. Instead of looking at pictures online or view all newly made products

The city has long mastered the tradition. suitable Luxurious items with a wide selection of artisans and unique Rome exclusive shops to choose from. Shopping here isn’t just an enticing retail experience. but also a culture Giant brands like Bulgari and Fendi started in Rome. continues to draw on the rich artistic heritage of the city and modernizing the traditions of couture craftsmanship, luxury hotel Andre Laug maintains and modernizes the best of the Roman past for a young, sophisticated international clientele. There are coveted local brands like Atelier Bomba and Alta Moda names like Michele Miglioico and Franco Ciambella. To get to know Lessona says her shopping customers come from all over the world. Find both international brands and Roman brands. and products made by artisans, which she describes as “The Spirit of the Country”

when we stop by various places I saw how quickly the doors opened for Lessona, showing that even this sprawling city can feel like a village when you know who to know and where to go. “I love to tell the story of the Roman brands and how they represent the best of craftsmanship,” says Lessona, who grew up in the local fashion culture. “It’s part of my background,” her father works for Bulgari, she explains, and the family is friendly with several key players in the Italian fashion industry. When we stopped at Andre Laug, the couture shop Lessona describes as an integral part of Rome’s style DNA, we were greeted warmly by the label’s co-owners, Laura Della Croce di Dojola, which counts Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn as customers. Legendary model Della Croce, regarded as one of the chicest women in town, has known Lessona since she was a teenager.

Shopping with Lessona may include a behind-the-scenes tour of an artisan. artisan shop private jewelry lab and even an “vintage hat factory.” She’ll keep you informed of insider favorites like Lucia Odescalchi or Giulia Barela for jewelry, RedSoul Design for handbags and smart boutiques with collections. Hand-picked models such as Laura Urbinati and Barbara Gregori for luxurious leisurewear, Barbara also has a source. Both international brands and Italian favorites like Giannetta Roni.

It’s easy to spend a lot in Rome, but Lessona points out that you don’t have to for great quality. prices in rome Even during the ongoing pandemic For example, Lessona says custom shirts or skirts start at €200, custom shoes at €300, haute couture evening dresses at €1,500 and “accessory is strong” in price. diverse Beautiful leather goods are surprisingly reasonable. Sirni Pelletteria is a craftsman’s laboratory on Via della Stelletta, run by the second generation brother and sister of the team, Rita and Andrea Sirni, where bags and accessories are adorned with beautiful leather goods. It is hand-crafted in a wide variety of leathers. Handmade catalog items starting from €250 on sale.

Renting and buying in Italy

Lessona’s address book is also filled with a network of contacts to assist customers moving to Rome or elsewhere in Italy. She started immigration services about 20 years ago, which now includes everything from real estate spying. Connecting Tenants or Buyers with International Real Estate Agencies and Attorneys Shopping for daily necessities, staffing, and maintaining the premises when the owner is away.

Of course, renting or buying in another country requires a long list of things to do. And working through it while navigating a foreign bureaucracy is often best done with someone who knows it well. “What seems easy is not,” Lessona said, adding that she got results because she took a ‘no’ for an answer. I work more than ever to help people find solutions that are fast, safe, and secure,” she said. And in part, this means accommodating the growing need for spaces big enough for families with parents and children. work or distance learning but within an hour and a half to travel to Rome She sees vacation rentals in the COVID era that sometimes extend to three months or a year. in places like Tuscany or Maremma

Lessona said requests from customers (Most of which come from the US and Europe and from word of mouth) range from two weeks for vacation rentals to multi-year stays for professionals moving to Italy. The time to move in depends on the project and whether the house or apartment needs to be decorated or not. But she said some locations could be ready in a week. Some people need one to several months.

Tourists are still looking for the center of Rome. It still offers value compared to other European cities, “a two- or three-bedroom cost 3,000 to 5,000 euros per month,” she said. She sees real estate in the city center on average from 8,000 to 15,000 euros per square meter. or starting at around €800,000 for a 100m2 two-bedroom apartment.

Lessona introduces the heart of Rome to customers. But it contrasts between the Spanish Steps area, “which is mostly posh” and Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori, “where you have a wider choice.” Villa Borghese is family-friendly — “green and 10 minutes from the city centre, with high-ceilinged 1920s buildings.” For beautiful Liberty-style residences, she recommends Parioli and Coppedè.

As for vacation rentals near Rome, Lessona says homes with pools in vacation rentals such as the Monte Argentario area rent from 800 euros a day. Further north in Maremma and in Liguria, Puglia and Calabria rent often. Starting at 10,000 Euros per month

If not moving to work, Lessona said those who come from abroad to rent or buy pied-a-terre in Rome or other parts of the country do so because “They want to have that [in Italy] where they can come at any time a place to put their stuff.” But while comfort is a key factor, But it’s not the only reason to spur interest in local real estate. “Customers want to buy the Italian experience. meet new people and share lifestyles,” she said.

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