William Urban: Rome, the Eternal City

My oldest daughter Ilsabe knew I wanted her Christmas present, Anthony Doerr’s “Four Seasons in Rome.” She was only 8 when we arrived in Florence in 1974. When we arrived in Florence in 1974, we 9 years old, but at that time we were on a long journey in Italy. sometimes with my students But they are usually the same family. The experience was unforgettable. When Ilsabe’s children were teenagers, she took them to Rome. Live life like we do in a small hotel. within walking distance

My youngest daughter Elke feels the same way. In 2018, she persuaded us to take her family to Italy. which is an experience enhanced by Turkish Air flight. which allows us to visit Istanbul The city she had seen when she was eighteen. And I’m the project director of ACM Yugoslavia, then we go to Rome. Stay in a small hotel near train station and can walk almost all of the city Traveling in Rome is challenging. And I know what challenges I want to avoid. Groping on crowded buses is a national sport.

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